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A Northumberland Coast Wedding

Meet Laura and James, who married around the 21st of April 2018 in Alnwick, Northumberland then a reception at. The day was built with a loose beach theme but otherwise, your day was centered around things the pair love, probably the best wedding ‘theme’ there might be.

“I’ve been attracted to lace wedding dresses and my wedding was the only opportunity I’d reach to wear one. The way the gown fell and flowed combined with the gorgeous pearl detail around the top only agreed to be perfect. It didn’t feel too formal whilst still feeling bridal. My mum accompanied me but was careful to not influence my decision.”

Laura wore her hair in soft waves, pinned behind for extra height, while for constitute she decided on a naturally pretty look, with pink lips. The stylish and constitute artist did a wonderful job.

“I was apprehensive about choosing the best hair stylist and make-up artist but both Tina and Victoria created beautiful looks. Pleasing a bride, five bridesmaids, and 2 mums isn’t any mean feat but every one of us loved our look.”

“James and I met nine years back in a bar in Newcastle. James was located in London at that time and the following summer together, James moved back, and we gave long-distance a try. It took 5 years of persuasion, but I eventually made the move south, and we got engaged in August 2016 on the beach at Wells Next-the-Sea around the North Norfolk coast. We both love the beach which means this was an ideal spot.”

For readings, Laura and James chose ‘A love poem between two lovers (Song of Solomon, 2:10-13, 8:6-7) and ‘Love’s Philosophy by Percy Bysshe Shelley, among James’ favorite poets.

For their first dance, James and Laura chose ‘I wish to hold your hand’ by The Beatles, which got everyone up and dancing, just like they hoped.

“Our favorite part of your day was escaping towards the beach between your wedding breakfast and evening reception. Newton Hall also ensured that James and I had 30 minutes just a couple of us before the wedding breakfast. We sat within the sun having a cocktail also it was an ideal opportunity to catch our breath.”

Words of Wedded Wisdom

“The most helpful advice I received was from a friend who had planned her wedding a few years before ours. She made the reality that when you attend a marriage at the same time you’re planning you personally notice many little details, but normally you don’t.”

“Bearing that in mind solved the problem stay relaxed throughout the planning and not reach bogged down within the finer details. Focus around the day in general, not things that might not even be seen.”

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