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Brand New Ethical Wedding Dresses

A sustainable luxury designer has always designed ethical wedding dresses, however nowadays, ware is beyond thrilled to become sharing her completely new collection of eco-friendly produced wedding gowns with you. These are never-before-seen images from the gorgeous new Entwined Love, Chapter 2 collection.

This collection follows on from her previous, whimsical, and romantic. This time, Entwined Love, Chapter 2, provides a more assortment of more modern silhouettes.

From wide-leg jumpsuits to off-the-shoulder fishtail gowns, and lace to hemp silk, the romanticism flowing with the collection is a celebration of femininity yet independence. By blending structured hemp silk and having fanciful chiffon, the Sanyukta Shrestha bride can customize her gown so she gets as beautiful as she looks.

A bridal consultation using the Sanyukta Shrestha team is a therapeutic experience for both the bride-to-be and the designer. After seventeen years in her role, Sanyukta is adept at tuning in to the needs of the women who visit her, and they can tell such a bride wants entirely using their natural charisma, often even before she speaks.

The luxury consultation sessions are peaceful, relaxed, and nurturing – having a focus on encouraging every individual to talk openly and honestly regarding their ideas, expectations, and then any insecurities they might have about wearing a wedding dress with confidence.

Through skillfully guided conversation, Sanyukta can produce a dress to perfectly fulfill her client’s visions, leaving them feeling more beautiful, fearless, and self-assured than ever before before.

“Every bride has her very own unique and individual group of needs, hopes, and insecurities with regards to finding a wedding gown – we’re responsive to this and try to work together to dissolve any fears quickly and comfortably.”

“Whether the bride-to-be wants to celebrate her waistline by having a tulle skirt over trousers or conserve a minimalist aesthetic inside a slinky gown underneath a ball gown wedding dress, my Entwined Love, Chapter 2 collection includes a design which will fit, flatter and showcase each bride’s personality and individuality on her behalf wedding day.”

The most impressive component of Sanyukta’s dress-making process is her utilization of 100% organic and natural fibers to produce her gowns. These include organic cotton, hemp silk, milk silk, and bamboo silk. And because these fibers are extremely natural, they’re genuinely nourishing for that skin and fit, flatter, and move about the body like no man-made fiber ever possibly could.

Natural fibers permit the skin to breathe, instead of sweat. They last well, store well, hang well, travel well, and wear much better than any polyester wedding gown ever could.

“Each style inside my collection follows ecologically green guidelines, with fabrics from ethical and Fairtrade certified producers all over the world and more than 50% of those fabrics are sourced from Nepal itself.”

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