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The Epitome Of Elegance

And here I am, almost after October! This year has certainly flown by but, with 2023 just around the corner, plenty of our favorite bridal designers are releasing information on new collections and that’s certain to make me smile.

2012 saw the discharge of her debut collection which new collection underlines Sienna’s reputation as a designer who creates elegant, contemporary, and utterly luxurious ball gown wedding dresses.

“The new collection was created with the modern, romantic bride in your mind,” says Sienna. “I’ve designed both gowns and separates, using soft flowing silks and also the pieces are adorned with hand-beaded designs and lace applique features. The cuts are contemporary and fashion-focused instead of traditionally bridal and every one of the styles is customizable or can be used as a basis for a bespoke creation, allowing each dress to become personal and unique towards the bride putting it on.”

And the bridal separates are pure perfection too. The plunging back from the Fearne top is completed with a tiny row of buttons and also the halterneck Maria top using its slightly open back is yet another delight. This is collection is the epitome of elegance. Go

“The Sienna Von Hildemar bride is an elegant yet relaxed bride. She wants to appear and seem like the best version of herself, using the emphasis standing on the word ‘herself’. I design for that bride who would like to feel comfortable in shapes not unusual to what she’d wear on the dressed-up particular date but changed into the most special version she’ll ever wear.”

“I want my brides to feel amazing within their dress but also to become able to be done with it on the day. There are likely to be a lot of precious moments to savor and you don’t wish to miss them because you’re too alert to your dress. I just like to hear a bride say how comfortable she gets in her wedding gown yet is glowing in the soft touch of luxurious silk on her behalf skin.”

Sienna has been doing a simply amazing job, creating exceptional dresses that manage to become both glamorous having a hint of boho quietly. There’s an undeniable simplicity to her designs that sits against sophisticated details and exceptional embellishments. I am deeply in love with this approach and it’s great to listen to designers placing real importance on comfort in addition to style.

You can also enjoy the luxury, style, and absolute bridal beauty in a manner that makes you feel comfortable and genuinely yourself. In short, they are gowns that you’ll love forever.

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