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A Beautiful and Industrial Vibes Wedding

Meet Rick and Sian, who married around 30 March 2018 near Derby, a beautifully restored 1800s mill. The couple met on Sian’s first trip to university and Rick proposed after eight years together in their living room on Christmas Eve 2016, really starting their Christmas celebrations and having a bang!

“The industrial styling reflected our very own style and provided an ideal canvas during the day. We didn’t want anything too fussy or overdone and also the stripped-back interiors, combined with gorgeous original features and quirky pieces the venue already had, resulted in we didn’t need to add much styling to create the venue seem like ours.”

“I had started the procedure thinking that I wanted a fitted, backless dress, but hadn’t found something that wowed me and kept finding myself attracted to the big princess ball gown wedding dress. I felt like I needed to return to the drawing board, so I let my bridesmaids select a dress for me to test.”

Rick wore a dark blue two-piece suit, combined with shoes, a belt, and shirt, a cranberry red bowtie along with a pocket square.

Sian was accompanied on the aisle by her dad to ‘Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran, played and sung by friend Andrew “Jim” Morrison.

“For a reading, we chose ‘Scaffolding’ by Seamus Heaney, read by our friend Nicola. The poem is about how relationships change and evolve and even though it can seem like some things are breaking as the relationship and life move on, the foundations continue to be strong enough to keep you up. The words resonated around because we’ve been together for quite a long time and a lot is different and happened.”

Sian’s sister Rori made the fabulous cake, while the remaining food was the job.

“We believed that a naked cake works best using the stripped-back décor and styling from the venue therefore we worked together to come up using the four different flavors, eventually choosing: chocolate and salted caramel; lemon drizzle, with fresh cream, and homemade lemon curd (a specialty of my mum’s); black forest gateau, with fresh cherries and real Black Forest kirsch, which my father brought back for all of us from holiday; and prosecco and raspberry with fresh raspberry buttercream. It looked utterly stunning and tasted better still.”

“For favors, my mum spray-painted countless tin cans copper and gold and planted all of them with grape hyacinths and daffodils.”

“As the marriage took place within the Easter weekend, then we hid chocolate eggs within the tins! It’s been lovely seeing guests’ photographs from the plants continue to develop.”

Words of Wedded Wisdom

“As soon as we started planning my mum explained to remember that our day was about us and now we should do exactly what we should want, and also to hell using what anyone else said! I reminded myself of this regularly throughout the planning process also it helped me to help keep sight of what my day was actually about.”

“Don’t get caught up within the details, or perhaps in feeling that you need to have a scheme or theme. We planned everything based on what we should like and what we should feel reflected our style, and everything joined together beautifully around the day.”

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