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A Charming and Intimate Winter Wedding

Meet Alex, a Biomedical Scientist, and Andy, a Patient Services Manager for any research company, who married around the 9th of December 2017 in Durham, then had a family party in Wolsingham.

To capture their special day, Alex and Andy chose Sally Thurrell to perform the honors. I love the intimate atmosphere from the images she took and exactly how the emotion from the day shines through in every shot.

“After seeing the gorgeous photographs from the friend’s wedding, I had hoped that certain day Sally could be my wedding photographer. The photos she did are very simply our most prized possession. She captured the complete essence of the day as well as was a total gem to possess around. From the facts to the group shots, they’re all just precisely what we wanted and she or he listened to us, which is so important. She also designed a stop motion film that’s so lovely and quirky and I love showing it to people like a quick tell you of our day.”

Alex wore attractive a line wedding dresses. I love the elegant silhouette and also the fabulous pleated skirt.

“I just loved it immediately. It was comfy, it flattered me also it was my type of style. It also had pockets, that was amazing!”

“We met whilst working at James Cook Hospital within the Biochemistry Lab. My initial impression of Andy was that he would be a bit of the surly fella, but after a couple of dates he’d surprised me a lot with how funny and charming he was that I was virtually smitten in the get-go!”

“We got engaged in July 2016 in Edinburgh. We’re the kind of couple who make all our decisions together therefore we went to Edinburgh for any trip away using the intention of finding a diamond ring.”

Andy wore a dark blue Gibson suit having a red waistcoat and deep red tie, that they purchased from Middlesbrough. Here

“I’d always wanted a winter wedding, to ensure that helped to limit a theme, with green, white, and festive gold tones. We attempted to pick things we liked rather than make everything match purposely. It exercised better than we expected also it all went together very well.”

“The feel from the day we desired to be like Christmas day, where most people are together and extremely happy and grateful for every other.”

“We bought everyone a personal gift and gave them out following the meal, placing all of them in a Santa sack to make it feel like Christmas. Everyone got a personalised little gift also it was amazing watching everyone having fun with them.”

“If I had to choose a favorite moment it could be after dinner when I was giving out our wedding favors that have been wrapped up like Christmas presents. Everyone was relaxed, watered, and fed and thus happy and animated when receiving them.”

Words of Wedded Wisdom

“When I was planning, a large number of brides would say ‘try to not sweat the little stuff, and each time I used to get much more stressed because I was stressed about daft things. My advice could be to try to not get stressed but when you are stressed, be kind to yourself.”

“Also, we picked things we liked and didn’t necessarily have a style and I think that helped to reduce anxiety levels once we weren’t bothered about things matching, also it exercised well within the end.’

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